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Lit Motors from 🇺🇸 USA has begun accepting orders for its self-balancing electric scooter-car C1

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Lit Motors from San Francisco, 🇺🇸 USA has announced that it is accepting orders for its self-balancing electric scooter car C1.

Lit Motors announced that it expects to have produced its first 10,000 units by 2026 and the next 100,000 units between 2027 and 2031.

Lit Motors C1

  • Advanced gyroscope based self-balancing system with 800 Nm torque.
  • Two-wheel drive (2WD) with 40,000 watt combined power.
  • Comfortable seating space for two passengers.


Woman opens door of Lit Motors C1

More info and 🖼️ pictures

Lit Motors Kubo

Lit Motors also sells an innovative cargo scooter that can be customized by the factory to meet special business requirements. The scooter is in use by Dominos Pizza delivery in 🇮🇳 India.

Lit Motors Kubo

Dominos Pizza delivery in India using the Kobo scooter.

More info and 🖼️ pictures