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carver electric car
Carver electric scooter car 85
Carver electric scooter car 85
Carver electric scooter car 85
Carver electric scooter 85
Carver electric scooter car dashboard 85
Carver electric scooter 4000 watt 85
Carver electric scooter car 85
Carver electric scooter car 85
BatteryLiFePo4 (LFP)
Range100 km
Charge Time6.5 hours
Power4 kW (5.4 hp)
made in Holland  


Speed45 km/h
Power4 kW (5.4 hp)
Weight330 kg
BatteryLiFePo4 (LFP)
Battery Life2,000 cyclesβ„Ή
Range100 km
Charge Time6.5 hours
fast charger: 1.3 hours

The Carver is an innovative electric scooter-car cross over from a electric scooter manufacturer from The Netherlands. The scooter category is described as Enclosed Narrow Vehicle or ENV which enables the driver to have the benefits of a scooter (no driving license, no helmet, free parking) combined with the benefits of a car (water proof, extra safe, room for baggage).

The Carver is a high quality product that is priced just a little higher than premium scooters such as the Vespa Elettrica.

The Carver has a powerful 2,000 watt electric motor in each wheel (4,000 watt total) for a top speed of 60 km/h. The scooter accelerates from 0-45km/h in 8 seconds.

The scooter has a 5.6 kWh Lithium battery for an effective driving range of 100 km. The battery can be charged in 6.5 hours with a regular power socket.

The Carver provides a 75 liter baggage compartment which is about half as small as the baggage compartment in a small car.

The Carver provides a spacious seat for a rear passenger. It fits a business man holding a coffee and it could be used to safely transport children.

The Carver is a true smart scooter and connects to a smart phone for access to scooter apps, navigation and a music play list. The Carver provides a high end music system with built-in speakers and an optimized solution for hands-free calling.

The scooter has a innovative tilt-system that enables the scooter to make steep turns, safely. It is namedΒ Dynamic Vehicle Control (DVCβ„’) or controlled balance system. The system makes it extra easy to drive the scooter.

The DVC is reliable, predictable and extremely responsive. It secures your stability at all times and generates an amazing driving sensation.

Water proof

The scooter is completely water proof and protects the driver from rain and wind. The Carver has an electric window wiper.

The scooter is just 98 cm wide which is comparable with a motorcycle and that makes it easy to park the scooter.

The scooter is available in many colors and offers many options for customization. The scooter is manufactured in The Netherlands and the engineers are able to handle special requests, for example for modification for business/cargo usage, for promotional usage or for other special demands.

The scooter is provided with 2 years warranty.

The scooter can be ordered online and is shipped world wide.


2020 Carver models

Carver CargoCarver Cargo electric cargo scooter 4000 watt 100
18650 Lithium
100 km
Carvercarver electric car 100
LiFePo4 (LFP)
100 km

Sales Department

Carver Europe B.V.
Celsiusweg 26
8912 AN Leeuwarden
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)85 1302484


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